I’m ovulation stressing again. Even though I told myself not to. It’s just that I had signs these last couple of days but haven’t had the time to do anything about it… So now I’m stressing again. I should just go for a forest walk and forget that I ever wanted kids.

Taking about stress – so many people have told me not to stress. Including my doctors. Like it would be easy to just stop stressing. I had to move to another country to begin stopping stressing and even when I’m here and have nothing to do but relax I can’t manage to completely stop obsessing and stressing… what’s wrong with me?

Now I’m gonna take a minute to clear my thoughts and listen to a guided meditation or something…

I just read a blog post about self care on Kym Campbell’s page “smart fertility choices” and if someone out there is feeling the same as me I strongly suggest that you check out her page!